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Most property owners don’t have skid steers, backhoes and brush hogs, but here at Top Knotch Services, Inc., we offer heavy equipment services that can get your large project done professionally and efficiently. This kind of equipment can be brought to your property, and our trained operators will complete the job in no time flat. Unless you are trained and licensed, doing this work on your own could be hazardous.

What Projects Require Heavy Equipment Services?

These are some of the common kinds of heavy equipment services that we provide for specific projects:

  • Land Leveling- Land grading reshapes the ground and is important for water draining and flattening out surfaces. It involves digging out dirt, adding soil to low spots, and compaction. Large amounts of dirt can be removed, hauled, and poured into holes. This is usually done with a skid steer with proper attachments.
  • Heavy-Duty Landscaping Clearing- Our equipment services include clearing residential properties and commercial land of heavy brush, dense weed growth, and other vegetation to make it usable. This is often done with a brush hog, a rotary mower that gets attached to a skid steer.

When you need to move earth, level the ground, or clear land, let our experienced professionals handle these heavy equipment services for you. For a free consultation, call our offices today.