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We offer the effective brush hog services you need to clear your land of problematic vegetation.

Our team at Top Knotch Services, Inc. has been working in the property maintenance industry for many years, and we offer a wide variety of services to help you keep your home, business, or land in great condition. One of the many ways we can help you take care of your property is by providing brush hog services.

For those who aren’t familiar with brush hogs, they are heavy-duty, tractor-mounted mowers designed to whack through dense plant growth. If any parts of your land are overgrown with brush or scrub vegetation, you can turn to our experts to have us thin out the undergrowth and make your land ready for use.

Unlike a conventional mower, a brush hog has blunt blades—the idea is to break the stems of plants with blunt force, rather than slice through them cleanly. Sharp blades are likely to get caught in tough stems and branches, which makes a standard mower unsuited for the task of removing dense brush.

If you want to clear your land of this kind of thick undergrowth, we encourage you to give us a call to schedule brush hog services. Our team has the necessary equipment to deal with this kind of problematic vegetation, and our technicians have the right experience to get the job done efficiently.

We are proud to serve Greensboro, North Carolina and surrounding areas, and we want to help you do what’s best for your property. If you need to remove scrub or brush from your land, just give us a call to schedule brush hog services.