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Clearing out excessively thick vegetation and undergrowth is tough work that takes up more time and energy than most people can handle. Hiring a professional brush hog services provider is the fastest, easiest way to get the job done. Brush hogs are related to lawnmowers, but they do much more and should be used by individuals trained on how to use them. Brush hogs and other heavy equipment can be dangerous without the proper safety precautions. Here’s how brush hog services can help your residential or commercial project.

Do I Need Brush Hog Services?

Brush hogs (also called bush hogs) are rotary mowers that attach to large tractors. The blades are blunt and connected to hinges, and use the tractor’s hydraulic systems to generate power. Brush hogs can be up to 15 feet wide and use blunt force to level the vegetation. They are suitable when you want to:

  • Trim heavy weeds: Brush hogs can remove dense weeds that normal riding lawnmowers can’t
  • Create paths: A brush hog can clear a path for a sidewalk or fence.
  • Develop property: Use brush hog services to clear large patches of land for development.
  • Maintain a property: Regular maintenance with a brush hog can prevent thick vegetation from encroaching on your property. They are often used on farms.

Brush hogs can be expensive to buy or rent, and you might not need to do this unless you own a farm. If the work must be done regularly, it makes sense to hire our professionals at Top Knotch Services, Inc. Contact us today to learn more.